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        Foshan Baolin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

        Food Grade Ester Gum

        The raw materials of food grade Ester Gum is made from high-quality pine resin refined rosin and edible grade glycerol esterification by the formation of rosin-like glycerides. In line with China's national standards GB10287-88 and GB2760-86 standard edible grade rosin-like glycerides, can be used safely in food.


        Food grade Ester Gum has excellent emulsifying properties, thickening properties, can be used as a base of gum base, giving gum into the bubble, by type, chew resistance and good taste.


        Appearance: light yellow transparent solid.


        Application: As a base of gum base, it can be used as chewing gum and sugarless chewing gum. It has good taste and anti-oxidation and keeps softness. It also can be used in the beverage as emulsifying stabilizer.